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2012 Major Winner

Congratulations Shelley Horan for her image:

"Houdini, possibly the greatest magician in history constantly escaped the inescapable. Straight - jackets, handcuffs, milk cans… all in a days work. He's just dam lucky he never had to deal with an ABUS lock! My image is a play on a famous Houdini image in which the great magician is standing defiantly draped in chains and locks. He knows he's getting out of that one. My Houdini is, however, chained and bound with ABUS locks. And he knows he can't beat this one."

2012 Peoples Choice Winner

Congratulations Kate Mathison for her image: LOCKDOWN

"I intend to focus on the strength and security of ABUS locks and will portray these two elements within my photograph. I am interested in the advertising side of photography and believe this image will be an excellent advertising shot to promote ABUS locks strength and quality. The photo will be of a male boxer striking the typical ‘ready for action’ pose; however, instead of wearing boxing gloves, he will have four locks on his fingers. This image intends to promote the strength, security and the safety factor of ABUS locks through the physical appearance and strength of the subject."