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The ABUS Group is proud to present UNLOCKED a photographic competition open to RMIT second year photography students.

As photographers, you are asked to interpret the theme of security. Your photograph must include a padlock, however the type of ABUS padlock you use is entirely up to you.

Think about what security means to you, or perhaps how it affects you, or even the global impact that security has an impact on society today.

The image voted as the best by a panel of judges will be awarded $2000 cash.

The image voted ‘people’s choice’ by popular vote will be awarded $1000 cash.


1 May:                        Competition closes
10 May: Finalists announced
People's choice vote opens
14 May: Finalists to submit their print files
24 May:

Reception evening and exhibition
1000 £ Bend - 361 Lt Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3000      
Time: 6-8pm
Winners announced at 7pm

Entrants in the ABUS Unlocked competition provide the ABUS Group with permission to reproduce images for the purposes of publicizing and promoting ABUS Unlocked. It is up to each entrant to obtain all permissions including model releases to have the images judged, displayed and published.